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2008; vol. 28, no. 1

M. G. Trivella, G. Pelosi, D. Neglia, A. L'Abbate
Interaction Between Left Ventricle Mechanics and Myocardial Blood Flow
pdfAbstract pdfFull text


M. Kozarski, G.F. Ferrari, K. Zieliński, K. Górczyńska, K. J. Pałko, A. Tokarz, M. Darowski
Open Loop Hybrid Circulatory Model: The Effect of the Arterial Lumped Parameter Loading Structure on Selected Ventricular and Circulatory Variables
pdfAbstract pdfFull text


T. Gólczewski, M. Darowski
The Virtual Cardio-respiratory System: a Sub-model of Gas Exchange and Transfer
pdfAbstract pdfFull text


A. G. Polak
A Model-based Approach to the Forward and Inverse Problems in Spirometry
pdfAbstract pdfFull text


T. Fujimoto, S. Nakano, H. Iwamura, Y. Shiraishi, T. Yambe, M. Umezu
A Study on a Newly Designed Aortofemoral Prosthetic Y Graft
pdfAbstract pdfFull text


J. Piętka
A Preliminary Study of Expert System to Support Patient's Decision in the Diagnosis of Selected Blood Circulatory and Respiratory Systems' Diseases
pdfAbstract pdfFull text


M. Kotas
Combined Application of Independent Component Analysis and Projective Filtering to Fetal ECG Extraction
pdfAbstract pdfFull text


R. Pokrzywa
Searching for Unique DNA Sequences with the Burrows-Wheeler Transform
pdfAbstract pdfFull text




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