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2005; vol. 25, no. 1

A. Bartkowiak
Robust Mahalanobis Distances Obtained Using the 'multout' and 'fast-mcd' Methods
pdfAbstractpdfFull text


R. Kalicka, D. Bochen
Properties of D-optimal Sampling Schedule for Compartmental Models
pdfAbstractpdfFull text


A. Sobieszek, R. Tarnecki, E. Zalewska
Frequency Analysis of Ictal EEG Neocortical Epileptic Discharges in Cats: Comparison Between Potassium and Penicillin Induced Seizures
pdfAbstractpdfFull text


Z. Swierczyński, A. Zagańczyk
Application of Neural Network and Genetic Algorithms in Computer Aided Gastric Diagnostic System
pdfAbstractpdfFull text


R. Kurjata, Z. Pawłowski, G. Domański, A. Trybuła, K. Zaremba, J. Marzec, B. Konarzewski
Fixed Geometry Optical Scanner for Laboratory Use
pdfAbstractpdfFull text


N. Golnik, M. Zielczyński
Local Ion Density in Tracks of Secondary Electrons Generated in Tissue by Diagnostic X-rays
pdfAbstractpdfFull text


K. J. Pałko, M. Kozarski, M. Darowski
Identification of Mechanical Parameters of the Respiratory System during Ventilatory Support of the Lungs
pdfAbstractpdfFull text




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