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2008; vol. 28, no. 2

A. Weryński, M. Gałach
Membrane Model of Peritoneal Barrier
pdfAbstract pdfFull text


D. G. Pijanowska, W. Torbicz
Ion Selective and Semi-Permeable Membranes for Biosensors in Biomedical Applications
pdfAbstract pdfFull text


A. Ciechanowska, S. Sabalińska, M. Gutowska, J. M. Wójcicki
Modern Application of Membrane Technique in Therapeutic and Diagnostic Medical Systems
pdfAbstract pdfFull text


A. Noworyta
Catalytic Semipermeable Membrane - Challenge and Possibilities
pdfAbstract pdfFull text


A. Poliwoda, P. P. Wieczorek
Extraction of Peptides from Body Fluids Using Supported Liquid Membranes
pdfAbstract pdfFull text


L. Granicka, J. Kawiak, A. Weryński
The Biocompatibility of Membranes for Immunoisolation
pdfAbstract pdfFull text


D. Lewińska, J. Bukowski, M. Kożuchowski, A. Kinasiewicz, A. Weryński
Electrostatic Microencapsulation of Living Cells
pdfAbstract pdfFull text


M. Płończak, J. Czubak, G. Hoser, A. Chwojnowski, J. Kawiak, K. Dudziński, K. Czumińska
Repair of Articular Cartilage Full Thickness Defects with Cultured Chondrocytes Placed on Polysulphonic Membrane - Experimental Studies in Rabbits
pdfAbstract pdfFull text


J. Kawiak, L. Granicka, J. Żołnierowicz, A. Weryński
The Antibiotic Induction of Apoptotic - Like Changes in Bacteria E. coli - GFP Encapsulated in Hollow Fibers
pdfAbstract pdfFull text




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