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2009; vol. 29, no. 1

E. Olejarczyk, A. Sobieszek, R. Rudner, R. Marciniak, M. Wartak, M. Stasiowski, P. Jałowiecki
Evaluation of the EEG-signal during Volatile Anaesthesia: Methodological Approach
pdfAbstract pdfFull text


M. Przytulska, J. L. Kulikowski, A.Bajera, L. Królicki
Comparison of SPECT Cerebral Images Examination Methods Based on Luminance Level and Morphological Spectra Evaluation
pdfAbstract pdfFull text


K. Szafrański
Complex Analysis of Rupture Risk of Intracranial Saccular Aneurysms upon Hemodynamic and Geometric Parameters
pdfAbstract pdfFull text


J. Janecki
Identification of "True Value" of the Error of Measurement and of the Seasonal Variation in Medical Laboratory
pdfAbstract pdfFull text


M. Michnikowski, J. Glapiński, M. Guć, T. Gólczewski, M. Darowski
A Hybrid Model of the Respiratory System
pdfAbstract pdfFull text


M. Antosiak , E. Godlewska , E. Sitarek, T. Orlowski
Influence of Graft Encapsulation on Host Immune Activity. In in vitro Studies
pdfAbstract pdfFull text




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