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We would like to invite you on Seminar of the Department IV

Zuzanna Szymanska, PhD from Institute of Mathematics Polish Academy of Sciences

will speak about: Mathematical Modelling of the Process of Fibrous Connective Tissue Healing

The seminar will take place in the Hall Professor A. Morecki, Monday, November 5th at 1 pm.

 Mathematical Modelling of the Process of Fibrous Connective Tissue Healing

Tendon and ligament lesions are among the most common soft-tissue injuries. Usually these heal with difficulty and require surgical treatment followed by an arduous rehabilitation, and even then the outcome is often not satisfactory - often after a year the structure and function of the healed tendon remains inferior to the healthy one. Only recently with new advances in regenerative medicine the perspective of new therapeutic methods has emerged. However better use of these methods requires a deeper understanding of the healing process itself, which is multiscale, complex and not fully understood. In order to contribute to a better understanding of the healing process we propose a new mathematical description of the later stages of the tendon healing process. Our approach consists of an integro-differential description of the collagen fibres remodelling during the healing process. We relate possible solution blow-ups with the healing of an injury without scar formation. We believe that our approach allows for a better understanding of the process of scar formation and gives insight as to how to minimize the risk of complications.




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