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2010; vol. 30, no. 2

R. Walkiewicz, R. Chazan, H. Grubek-Jaworska
HPLC Analysis of Mycolic Acids in Evaluation of Drug Susceptibility of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Strains – Comparison with Conventional Methods
pdfAbstract pdfFull text


R. Kalicka, S. Lipiński
A Fast Method of Separation of the Noisy Background from the Head-Cross Section in the Sequence of MRI Scans
pdfAbstract pdfFull text


M. Darowski, M. Michnikowski, A. Nestorowicz, M. Mikaszewska-Sokolewicz, J. Glapiński, M. Guć, B. Stankiewicz
A New Control Solution for Independent Synchronous Ventilation of Lungs
pdfAbstract pdfFull text


A. Wolińska-Welcz, H. Welcz
Grade Methods in Evaluation of Clinical Scales Data to Measure Therapy Effectiveness
pdfAbstract pdfFull text


M. Mazur-Milecka, A. Nowakowski
An Automated System for Analysis of Mouse Movement Acti
pdfAbstract pdfFull text


D. Radomski
Sensitivity Analysis of a Sample Entropy Estimator on its Parameters in Application to Electrohysterographical Signals
pdfAbstract pdfFull text



Scientific Awards

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