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Information technologies: research and their interdisciplinary applications

Investigation of neurovascular coupling during the execution and imagination of motor task by means of NIRS/EEG technique

Ventilation, gas exchange, and cardiac function in relation to intrapleural pressure changes in patients undergoing therapeutic thoracentesistherapeutic thoracentesis

Electrochemical detection of psychotropic substances based on DNA intercalation

Expert system with voice-to-text interface for patients with diabetes treated with insulin, VoiceDiab

Mathematical modeling of pulse-wave propagation for cardiovascular diagnostics in patients on hemodialysis

Mathematical modelling of fluid and electrolytes transport in patients on hemodialysis

Supporting software to assist pathologist in evaluation of immunohistochemically stained tissue samples of breast cancer stained with DAB&H

Assessment of cerebrovascular autoregulation process using time-resolved near infrared spectroscopy

The development of effective computational methods for analysis of optical properties of optically turbid media

Development of ORTHO-LBNP (Lower Body Negative Pressure) technology for research and training of Polish Air Force pilots in hypoxic ischemia and orthostatic stress conditions

Spectral time-resolved measurements for cerebral blood flow assessment

Web-based platform for the computer analysis of microscopic images to support the pathological diagnosis

The soldiers physiological profile management based on an evaluation of psychomotor using the system, "Heath-chip"

High-resolution optical brain topography

Automated analysis of tumor microenvironment in triple negative breast cancer without complete pathological response to neoadjuvant chemotherapy. Predictive factor of relapse



Scientific Awards

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