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2007; vol. 27, no. 4

K. Kałużyński, T. Kret, J. Sieńko
Study of Properties of Periodic Fetal Movements and of the Corresponding Ultrasonic Doppler Signals
pdfAbstractpdfFull text


M. Przytulska, J. L. Kulikowski
Examination of Left Cardiac Ventricle's Contractility Based on Spectral Analysis of Ultrasound Imaging
pdfAbstractpdfFull text


M. Grzegorek
Decomposition of a Medical Image Based on Grade Multivariate Methodology
pdfAbstractpdfFull text


B. Kuraszkiewicz
Epithelial Cell Damage Due to Airway Reopening - an Experimental Investigation
pdfAbstractpdfFull text


T. Nieczkowski, A. Obuchowicz
Application of Decision Trees to Filtering and Segmentation of Breast Cancer Fine Needle Biopsy Microscope Images
pdfAbstractpdfFull text


K. P. Michalak, P. Jaskowski
Predictability of Posturographic Signals: Influence of the Window width and the Embedding Dimension
pdfAbstractpdfFull text


M. Maliszewska-Mazur
Biological Applications of Electron Spin Resonance Methods - Spin Trapping and Spin Labelling
pdfAbstractpdfFull text




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