Serdecznie zapraszamy na seminarium Zakładu III

prof. dr hab. inż. Ewa Zalewska

wygłosi wykład na temat: „Simulations of motor unit potentials"

Seminarium odbędzie się w dniu 30 października (środa) o godz. 11:00 w sali im. A. Moreckiego


Motor unit potential (MUP) recorded with a concentric needle electrode depends on motor unit morphology. The MUP waveform changes when the motor unit undergoes reorganization in certain pathological processes i.e. neurogenic or myopathic. In EMG one assesses the pathophysiology on the basis of the waveform characteristics of the recorded potentials. This requires detailed knowledge of the relationship between the waveform generators and the waveform measurements. The parameters of MUPs depend on the number of fibers in the motor unit, their diameter, and fiber dispersion in the territory of the motor unit. Simulations are the only way to explore this relationship in an efficient manner. A simulation of motor unit potential recording is presented together with relationship between motor unit potential parameters and motor unit morphology and also application in several models of motor unit reorganization.