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2004; vol. 24, no. 1

M. Swiercz, J. Krejza, Z. Mariak, M. Bień
Assessment of the Middle Cerebral Artery Spasm with Learning Vector Quantization Neural Networks
pdfAbstractpdfFull text


G. Ginalska, M. Osińska, T. Urbanik-Sypniewska, A. Uryniak, J. Łobarzewski
A New Achievement in Obtaining Durable Antibacterial Protection for Vascular Prostheses
pdfAbstractpdfFull text


J. Glapiński, R. Walkiewicz, A. Safianowska, H. Grubek-Jaworska
Computerized Mycobacterium Type Recognition Using Numerical Data Base of Mycolic Acids Elution Profiles
pdfAbstractpdfFull text


P.Foltyński, P. Ładyżyński, K. Musiał, J. M. Wójcicki, T. Togawa
A System for Monitoring of Sweat Secretion from Four Sweat Glands
pdfAbstractpdfFull text


O. Khomeriki, G. Kachukhashvili, L. Gheonjian, N. Invia
Installation for Compensating Negative Impact of Geomagnetic Storms Onto Human Organism
pdfAbstractpdfFull text


R. Rudowski, M. Grabowski, J. Sierdziński, M. Guć
Electronic Patient Record, Expert System and Mobile Monitoring in Project
pdfAbstractpdfFull text



Scientific Awards

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