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2007; vol. 27, no. 3

L. Bobrowski, H. Wasyluk
Induction of Diagnostic Support Rules through Data Mapping - on the Example of the Hepar system
pdfAbstractpdfFull text


S. Van Sanden, Dan Lin, T. Burzykowski
Performance of Classification Methods in a Microarray Setting: A Simulation Study
pdfAbstractpdfFull text


M. Grzes, M. Krętowski
Decision Tree Approach to Microarray Data Analysis
pdfAbstractpdfFull text


C. Enăchescu
Evaluation of some statistical methods for referring women for bone densitometry
pdfAbstractpdfFull text


J. Gerß, W. Köpcke
The New EMEA-CHMP Guideline on Clinical Trials in Small Populations - Methodological and Statistical Considerations with Published Examples
pdfAbstractpdfFull text


M. Krętowska
Ensembles of Dipolar Trees for Prediction of Survival Time
pdfAbstractpdfFull text


E. Pleszczyńska
Application of Grade Methods to Medical Data: New Examples
pdfAbstractpdfFull text


C. Enăchescu, A. Constantinescu
Using multilayer neural networks to estimate the parameters of the nonlinear Baret mode
pdfAbstractpdfFull text



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