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4th Korean-Polish Seminar on "Renal Replacement Therapies"
Busan: April, 2008
Chairmen: Prof. Hi Bahl Lee
Prof. Hunjoo Ha
Prof. Bolesław Rutkowski
Prof. Andrzej Weryński

97th ICB Seminar on: 20 Years of Activities of International Center of Biocybernetics - Open Meeting of the ICB Scientific Council
Warsaw: 15 of May, 2008
Chairmen: Prof. Dov Jaron

98th ICB Seminar on: International Forum "Transfer of Biomedical Technology from Research to Industry"
Warsaw: 17 of May, 2008
Chairmen: Prof. Jan Wójcicki
Prof. Makoto Kikuchi

99th ICB Seminar on: "Statistics and Clinical Practice"
Warsaw: 20 - 21 of June, 2008
Chairmen: Prof. Helena Bacelar-Niclau
Prof. Leon Bobrowski
Prof. Jan Doroszewski
Prof. Casimir A. Kulikowski

100th ICB Seminar and Conference on: "Variability of Biomedical Signals"

Warsaw: 20 - 23 of November, 2008
Abstract book: ICB_100_Book_of_abstracts_2008.pdf
Chairmen: Prof. R. Maniewski
Prof. Olivier Meste
Prof. Herve Rix

101st ICB Seminar on: "Development of circulatory and respiratory support and its modeling"
Warsaw: 4 - 6 of December, 2008
Chairmen: Prof. M. Darowski
Dr. G. Ferrari

ICB Scientific Council Meeting
Warsaw: 15 - 18 of May, 2008



Scientific Awards

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