Human Resources Strategy for Researchers – creating excellent working conditions for researchers in IBBE PAS

IBBE PAS has decided to implement the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers and thus participate in the European initiative aiming at making research an attractive career.
More information on the Charter and the Code can be found here:

Implementation process timeline:
03/2016 - Prof. Adam Liebert, Director of The IBBE PAS designated the HR Working Group composed of Assoc. Prof. D. Pijanowska, Prof. A. Chwojnowski, E. Zachara MSc, M. Antosiak-Iwańska PhD.
04/2016 – HR Working Group carried out a survey
05/2016 - HR Working Group performed an internal gap analysis (template for internal gap analysis and staff survey).
08/2016 - Director of the IBIB PAN signed the Declaration of Commitment „Carte & Code”.
09/2016 - The Action Plan was approved and send to European Commission