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2008; vol. 28, no. 1
M. G. Trivella, G. Pelosi, D. Neglia, A. L'Abbate
Interaction Between Left Ventricle Mechanics and Myocardial Blood Flow AbstractAbstract  Full text

M. Kozarski, G.F. Ferrari, K. Zieliński, K. Górczyńska, K. J. Pałko, A. Tokarz, M. Darowski
Open Loop Hybrid Circulatory Model: The Effect of the Arterial Lumped Parameter Loading Structure on Selected Ventricular and Circulatory Variables AbstractAbstract  Full text

T. Gólczewski, M. Darowski
The Virtual Cardio-respiratory System: a Sub-model of Gas Exchange and Transfer AbstractAbstract  Full text

A. G. Polak
A Model-based Approach to the Forward and Inverse Problems in Spirometry AbstractAbstract  Full text

T. Fujimoto, S. Nakano, H. Iwamura, Y. Shiraishi, T. Yambe, M. Umezu
A Study on a Newly Designed Aortofemoral Prosthetic Y Graft AbstractAbstract  Full text

J. Piętka
A Preliminary Study of Expert System to Support Patient's Decision in the Diagnosis of Selected Blood Circulatory and Respiratory Systems' Diseases AbstractAbstract  Full text

M. Kotas
Combined Application of Independent Component Analysis and Projective Filtering to Fetal ECG Extraction AbstractAbstract  Full text

R. Pokrzywa
Searching for Unique DNA Sequences with the Burrows-Wheeler Transform AbstractAbstract  Full text

2008; vol. 28, no. 2
A. Weryński, M. Gałach
Membrane Model of Peritoneal Barrier AbstractAbstract  Full text

D. G. Pijanowska, W. Torbicz
Ion Selective and Semi-Permeable Membranes for Biosensors in Biomedical Applications AbstractAbstract  Full text

A. Ciechanowska, S. Sabalińska, M. Gutowska, J. M. Wójcicki
Modern Application of Membrane Technique in Therapeutic and Diagnostic Medical Systems AbstractAbstract  Full text

A. Noworyta
Catalytic Semipermeable Membrane - Challenge and Possibilities AbstractAbstract  Full text

A. Poliwoda, P. P. Wieczorek
Extraction of Peptides from Body Fluids Using Supported Liquid Membranes AbstractAbstract  Full text

L. Granicka, J. Kawiak, A. Weryński
The Biocompatibility of Membranes for Immunoisolation AbstractAbstract  Full text

D. Lewińska, J. Bukowski, M. Kożuchowski, A. Kinasiewicz, A. Weryński
Electrostatic Microencapsulation of Living Cells AbstractAbstract  Full text

M. Płończak, J. Czubak, G. Hoser, A. Chwojnowski, J. Kawiak, K. Dudziński, K. Czumińska
Repair of Articular Cartilage Full Thickness Defects with Cultured Chondrocytes Placed on Polysulphonic Membrane - Experimental Studies in Rabbits AbstractAbstract  Full text

J. Kawiak, L. Granicka, J. Żołnierowicz, A. Weryński
The Antibiotic Induction of Apoptotic - Like Changes in Bacteria E. coli - GFP Encapsulated in Hollow Fibers AbstractAbstract  Full text

2008; vol. 28, no. 3
R. Kalicka, W. Słomiński, K. Kuziemski
Spirometry Measurement Model - the Diagnostic Purpose Support AbstractAbstract  Full text

T. Gólczewski, W. Lubiński
Spirometry: Quantification of the Shape of the Maximal Expiratory Flow-Volume Curve AbstractAbstract  Full text

G. J. Hatliński, J. K. Kowalski, A. Kukwa
Suitability of New Methods for Pulseoximetric Data Analysis in Screening Diagnostics of Respiratory Disorders During Sleep (RDDS) AbstractAbstract  Full text

M. A. Kowalska, H. T. Kasprzak, D. R. Iskander
Ultrasonic Measurement of Binocular Longitudinal Corneal Apex Movements and Their Correlation to Cardiopulmonary System AbstractAbstract  Full text

A. M. Maciejewska, A. Józwik, J. T. Kusmierek, B. Sokołowska
Application of the k-NN Classifier for Mutagenesis Tests. Recognition of Wild Type and Defective in DNA Repair Bacterial Strains on the Basis of Adaptive Response to Alkylating Agents AbstractAbstract  Full text

T. Podsiadły-Marczykowska, A. Wróblewska, A. Przelaskowski
Improved Mammogram Interpretation with an Ontology-Driven Editor and Mammoviewer - Preliminary Results AbstractAbstract  Full text

M. Fereniec, R. Maniewski, G. Karpiński, G. Opolski, H. Rix
High-Resolution Multichannel Measurement and Analysis of Cardiac Repolarization AbstractAbstract  Full text

J. M. Janecki
Application of Statistical Features of the Gaussian Distribution Hidden in Sets of Unselected Medical Laboratory Results AbstractAbstract  Full text

2008; vol. 28, no. 4
R. Nowak, A. Plucienniczak
Finite State Automata Built on DNA AbstractAbstract  Full text

A. Gruca
Analysis of GO Composition of Gene Clusters by Using Multiattribute Decision Rules AbstractAbstract  Full text

E. Olejarczyk, M. Przytulska, A. Bajera, L. Królicki
Comparison of Different SPECT Images Analysis Methods for Inter-Hemispheric Asymmetry Detection in Patients with Epileptic Symptoms AbstractAbstract  Full text

M. Raniszewski
Double Sort Algorithm Resulting in Reference Set of the Desired Size AbstractAbstract  Full text

G.J. Hatliński, K. Kochanek, A. Piłka, W. Bochenek
Application of Tone-Pip Stimuli of Different Rrise-Times for Wave V Identification in Auditory Brainstem Responses (ABR) Procedures AbstractAbstract  Full text

N. S. Żołek, S. Wojtkiewicz, A. Liebert
Correction of Anisotropy Coefficient in Original Henyey Greenstein Phase Function for Monte Carlo Simulations of Light Transport in Tissue AbstractAbstract  Full text

A. Korzyńska, M. Zychowicz
A Method of Estimation of the Cell Doubling Time on Basis of the Cell Culture Monitoring Data AbstractAbstract  Full text

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